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The Loor Family - Raisin, now Cole 

We are beyond thankful to Miracles for Satos. From the beginning of our application process through the day we picked up our new baby Cole (Raisin) and beyond, everyone has been so patient, knowledgeable, and prompt with replying to all our questions. Elizabeth is such a joy, she made the interview so pleasant and comfortable along with sending us updates and pictures.

Rachel took the time to speak with us when we had the puppy home and shared with us many great training techniques and dog psychology tips to help us better understand our puppy and help him grow into a happy and healthy dog. Because of the advice she gave us, both our dogs are now becoming the bestest of friends. Cole is such a sweet well adjusted puppy, it’s clear that he was shown love prior to him coming to our home. Ruth, Ivette and everyone at Miracles for Satos Rescue, thank you so much for picking us to adopt our baby, thank you for the hard work you do, because of you our little family has grown into a happy little chaos !


With much gratitude,


The Loor Family!! 

The Piro Family - Butter Pecan, now Ginger

We want to thank everyone at Miracles for Satos Rescue for all the hard work and dedication they put forth.  We had such a smooth and pleasant experience adopting our baby girl, Ginger (formally known as Butter Pecan).  Ivette and Elizabeth were always there to update us and send us pictures until we were able to get Ginger, Rachel gave us so many great pieces of advice that we have not only used with Ginger but also with her big brother Hennessy, Kevin kept a close eye on Ginger until she was ready to fly to NY to be with us and Ruth coordinated the flight from Puerto Rico to NY and kept us updated on the flight status. 

WE THANK YOU ALL!  Ginger has settled in quickly and adapted to NY living - she loves her big brother Hennessy.... it’s like they were meant to be siblings.  We couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out and we highly recommended this organization if you are thing of getting a puppy.  Adopt...don’t shop!


Thanks again,

The Piro Family, Tuckahoe, NY

Lynn, Gerr, Daniela, Joseph, Madison, Hennessy & Ginger

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