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Fur-ever Homes

At Miracles for Satos our ultimate goal is to find fur-ever homes for our beautiful rescues. As much as we love taking care of each and every pup we love seeing and hearing from their new families. If you want to send a brief story of your new addition please feel free to contact us 



"Miracles" is such an appropriate name for this rescue, although I would argue to they not only perform miracles for animals, but also for those of use needing the love of an amazing dog in our lives. Miracles for Satos sees through the eyes and into the soul of animals who have been discarded or mistreated and they see the true spirit of these amazing animals and the all of the love that they have to give, and deserve to receive in return. This is what they did for our girl, Bleu, formerly known as Audrey Hepburn. Like most, Bleu was discarded when she was not longer useful for breeding and was found wandering around the street. The folks with Miracles saw her and immediately recognized her potential to be someone's heart dog. We reached out to Miracles looking for a specific dog with specific qualities as our goal was to have the dog trained to work as a certified therapy dog, something that I have been doing for 15 years. The dog needed to be calm, very easy going, and good with cats (we have 5!). Miracles instantly knew that Bleu/Audrey would be the perfect fit for us. She was a favorite among their volunteers and they just knew there was something special about her. I had also told them I was specifically looking for a Pit mix so that I could continue to de-stigmatize the breed, particularly in the therapy dog world.Once I saw Bleu's photos and videos, I knew she was the dog for our family. You see, Miracles wants their dogs to thrive and succeed so they take great care in making sure they go to the best family for them. We picked Bleu up from the airport on July 23, 2021 and our lives have been changed for the better ever since. Bleu makes us laugh (and smile) every single day. And? She is a certified therapy dog who goes into schools and works with children of all ages.She comforts and supports elementary school children who are learning to read and working on their fluency and she also provides love and support to older children who are struggling with anxiety and/or depression. She absolutely loves children and everyone who meets her falls in love with her instantly. She has brought so much joy to our lives that I often wonder who rescued who. If not for the tireless dedication and immeasurable capacity for compassion and empathy of the volunteers with Miracles for the Satos, we would never have known about Bleu. Every chance I get, I refer people who are looking to rescue to this organization because I know firsthand how much they love the animals in their care and want them to have full, happy, amazing lives. We can't thank you enough for completing our family and for doing what you do to save so many lives. You are all angels on earth.

The Fleck Family


2020 was a very hard time for everyone. As a first responder I felt lost and overwhelmed. A few months into the pandemic I was diagnosed with PTSD. I felt at a low. A few months after that I had a pacemaker placed and started testing to figure out why I was sick. I later found out I have a neurological condition and a genetic condition. I found myself being unable to function well. I decided to start my search for a dog to help me and possibly be trained as a service dog to mitigate my disabilities. I was denied from over 20 rescues. During the pandemic there were long waits for dogs and dozens of applicants on each dog. That’s when I came across Niko. The videos I saw of him were heartwarming. He seemed like such a love bug. I took a chance on him. Soon I would realize that chance would save my life. Niko was renamed LUCAS (named after a device on an ambulance). He took to service work like a duck to water. He learned high level tasks.LUCAS accompanied to me to my jobs and was the first service dog to work in my hospital system of 40,000 employees. After 2 years of training he is almost fully trained. He has made life bearable. He is my shadow. I was looking on Petfinder a few weeks ago and saw Miracles for Satos had a kitten up for adoption. She looked just like my late cat that died two years ago. I opened my heart and home. She and LUCAS make me laugh constantly. LUCAS loves to nuzzle her and she likes to jump off his back. These two love bugs make my life complete. I couldn’t have done it without Ivette and her team giving me such wonderful companions. Thank you Miracles for Satos for saving my babies lives who saved me.




We want to thank everyone at Miracles for Satos Rescue for all the hard work and dedication they put forth. We had such a smooth and pleasant experience adopting our baby girl, Ginger (formally known as Butter Pecan). Ivette and Elizabeth were always there to update us and send us pictures until we were able to get Ginger, Rachel gave us so many great pieces of advice that we have not only used with Ginger but also with her big brother Hennessy, Kevin kept a close eye on Ginger until she was ready to fly to NY to be with us and Ruth coordinated the flight from Puerto Rico to NY and kept us updated on the flight status. WE THANK YOU ALL! Ginger has settled in quickly and adapted to NY living - she loves her big brother Hennessy.... it’s like they were meant to be siblings. We couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out and we highly recommended this organization if you are thing of getting a puppy. Adopt...don’t shop!

The Piro Family. Lynn, Gerr, Daniela, Joseph, Madison, Hennessy & Ginger


We are beyond thankful to Miracles for Satos. From the beginning of our application process through the day we picked up our new baby Cole (Raisin) and beyond, everyone has been so patient, knowledgeable, and prompt with replying to all our questions. Elizabeth is such a joy, she made the interview so pleasant and comfortable along with sending us updates and pictures. Rachel took the time to speak with us when we had the puppy home and shared with us many great training techniques and dog psychology tips to help us better understand our puppy and help him grow into a happy and healthy dog. Because of the advice she gave us, both our dogs are now becoming the bestest of friends. Cole is such a sweet well adjusted puppy, it’s clear that he was shown love prior to him coming to our home. Ruth, Ivette and everyone at Miracles for Satos Rescue, thank you so much for picking us to adopt our baby, thank you for the hard work you do, because of you our little family has grown into a happy little chaos !

The Loor Family

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